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Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year

Just wishing everyone a Happy New Year, hope you all had a good one. I for one did, a very good one, pity that I can't remember most of it. Hope all your new years resolutions go to plan and that your new years day hangover wasn't as bad as mine (cradled around the toilet with my head resting on the pan and puke down my front - not a pleasant image but sign of a pretty good night.... lucky the smell of bacon revived me; eventually).

A TeenAge Lad

Sunday, 12 December 2010

cam sex... ever thought about it?

Ye... So I was trawling through chatroulette the other day, not naked or anything, just being my usual self. Not trying to boast now but I'm pretty good looking so I was attracting enough attention from the girls, but once you get talking its difficult to keep it interesting after all the small talk, so after a while you tend to hit next. You've probably traded some sort of contact like your msn address, and that's what I did with one girl that I got along with particularly well. So after a while on webcams (on msn), I'm not really sure how it happened, but we started to have cam sex, basically watching each other masturbating... ok, this post is sounding rather trashy... oh well.

Anyway, what I'm getting at is that it was surprisingly good, ok not as good as the real thing I'm guessing (still a virgin -_- ). What I found was that because this girl was more or less a stranger I wasn't worried about things that I am about with the real thing. I mean, I wasn't worried so much about performance, if I looked good naked, how big my cock is. If you don't like what you see you just close the thing down. So ye, I actually found it as a good experience, however strange that sounds. Don't worry, I'm not planning to be one of those fat bald men that sit in front of their webcam wanking all day... that's just gross... actually it's fucking disgusting lol. All I'm saying is that, I will be doing it again...

Yours ever truthfully

A Teenage Lad

Sunday, 3 October 2010

An opportunist

Dear optimists and pessimists, I don't care whether it's half full or half empty, is anyone gonna drink that? Sincerely, an opportunist. 

The opposite sex...

Don't you just love them... In my case women/girls whatever you want to be called... wow..obviously the same way round, the men for the women, or the same sex for both... You get the picture. Maybe I should rephrase, 'People your attracted to' don't you just love them, and yes I know that's stating the obvious: hence the attraction... Anyway, enough waffle.

As much as we love them aren't they the most complicated and hardest things to understand, and I know it's not just me. Well what I'm getting at is, well maybe a little off topic.

There's a girl, we'll name her S for now
She's gorgeous (won't deny it, it does help)
She's funny, clever, warm...blah.blah.blah
A all rounder in general.

There's you thinking why don't you go for it mate! Well here's the problem: my mate.
I know he likes her, she knows it too, actually told him she just wanted to be friends. I like her and I'm pretty sure (and I mean 99% pretty sure) she likes me. I wouldn't mind going for it but I don't want him to see it at some sort of betrayal. As a third party what do you think? Should I go for the girl? Or let it wait and see what happens? Complete forget about her and be loyal to my friend?

Arghhh... I know it sounds trivial and stupid but all the same it's a dilemma. And yes, after rereading the intro I know it's irrelevant, but I'm going to keep it anyway...

If you want to get in touch...

If you want to get in touch... just ask! If you've got some stories or whatever that you want to stick on here just get in touch with me at teenagelad@hotmail.co.uk ... for obvious reasons that isn't my main email but I will check it regularly. So if you've got something to add just drop me a line or comment or whatever. This goes for both sexes (or anything in between), just go for it...... (:O I should advertise for Nike!) 

A 'american pie' moment

Being a Teenage lad currently my live is filled with, well tbh with you, wanking... it takes up a lot of my time, I probably at least whack one out every two days. I'm not trying to be crude, it's just the time of life that I'm pretty much constantly horny.... Anyway, back on topic.

I happen to have wireless internet in my house, which is great. I was sitting upstairs doing my chemistry homework (which includes regular brakes to youtube and facebook) when I decided since my parents were downstairs watching tv I'd have a quick wank. So clickity click, I'm on a pornsite. I'm there sitting on my bed (which happens to face the door) laptop beside me, tugging away. I had my headphones on, you know the big all ear retro ones that are really good quality? Well they're also great at blocking out background noise...

Little did I know that my father was coming up the stairs with my hot chocolate... He decides to not bother knocking, I suppose he thinks I was still doing my chemistry. I quite hastily pull my tshirt over myself, a little too late I think... I'm sure he caught a glimpse, I can't be sure, but I think he did. tbf if he did, he handled it well, just said 'I'll just leave this here then' and went downstairs.....

I don't know if I'm allowed to swear on this thing (someone please tell me lol) ?! I just want to shout out F*CK in embarrassment. Oh well, nothing can be done, I just hope he forgets...and so do I. Just another 'american pie' moment I guess.

btw, this is my first post; probably not the best way to start but never mind... feel free to give me feedback (in other words, please do, I would like to know this blog isn't a pointless crusade).

Truthfully - A TeenageLad